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Danger Overload! The Complete Allison Danger Set (3-Disc Blu-Ray)

Includes all of our Allison Danger Blu-Ray's :
FIGHT HARD! The Allison Danger Story (1-Disc)
Quick Shootin' With Allison Danger (1-Disc)
What Do You Mean There's More?! The Lost Allison Danger Clips (1-Disc).


** Please NOTE : This was originally shot in Standard Definition (SD) and upscaled to High Definition (HD)

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Filmed : January 19 - 21, 2008
Catalog # : N/A
Released : N/A
Total Running Time : 6hrs 54m
Number Of Discs : 3-Discs

Reviews :

"One of the highlights featured Danger providing an amazing road story involving former ROH star and current WWE star, CM Punk, which will have you laughing out loud" - Brad Dykens, Online World Of Wrestling -"Quick Shootin' With Allison Danger"

"Its rare to find a documentary of high quality that tells an interesting story and actually enables you to learn about someone who has done so much for the business" - Steven Wilson, Main Event Radio - "FIGHT HARD! The Allison Danger Story"

"This does offer some interesting moments, especially the comments on the Benoit tragedy, but much like any trilogy, to best enjoy the
third you need to see the first two, so this release serves as a supplement to those two and a worthy supplement at that." - Steve Wilson, Main Event Radio - "What Do You Mean There's More?!"


Synopsis :

"Quick Shootin' With Allison Danger"
Well respected independent veteran, Allison Danger, gives a candid interview answering many questions about her views on the wrestling business, her advice to young girls looking to break in, would she sign with WWE or TNA, and gives her opinions and funny stories on the entire Shimmer, WWE, TNA & independent scene rosters.

"FIGHT HARD! The Allison Danger Story"
Allison Danger takes us through her storied 8 year career as a pro-wrestler, from her beginings as a child, through high school, to breaking into the business, following in her older brothers footsteps, to becoming one of the most well respected and important female wrestlers on the independent wrestling scene today.

"What Do You Mean There's More?! The Lost Allison Danger Clips"
These are the clips from both the "Quick Shootin' With Allison Danger" Shoot Interview and "FIGHT HARD! The Allison Danger Story" Documentary DVD's that for some reason or another, never made it to the final release versions of both DVD's. Now, between "Quick Shootin'" "FIGHT HARD!" and "What Do You Mean There's More?!" you can finally see all of the footage shot with Allison Danger over a 3-day period in January, 2008.

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